MAY 2, 2019 Events in Nebraska City             7:30 AM NCHS Flag Pole at NE side, 141 Steinhart Park Rd. NOON by the 10 Commandments at the Court House, 10th Street and Central Avenue 4:00 PM at the Nebraska City, City Hall Flag Pole,                corner of 15th and central.

5th Sunday in Lent

5th Sunday in Lent  Text: Daniel 5:1-30 Ever since the building of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of the languages it necessitated, God has withdrawn His hand from apostate men, suffering them to walk in their own way as heathen and pagans. They were to realize the limitations of their own strength and …

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Day of the Lord

The concentration camp at Dachau was liberated on a Sunday in April, 1945. One week later, Greek and Serbian Orthodox prisoners celebrated Easter in the camp Barracks. Priests wore make-shift vestments over their blue and white striped prison uniform. They sang the liturgy, read the Scriptures, and even recited a sermon by St. John Chrysostom, …

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